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Text fantasy online role-playing game Skazanie (Tale 2)

Link: Official Game Site
Release: December 17, 2008
Beta-test: April 21, 2008

SKAZANIE - multiplayer browser-based online game in the style of classic fantasy (hobbits, elves, gnomes, orcs, dragons etc.). The game is based on the plot of the game "Tale" and continues it. The access to the game is free. The game runs in an ordinary browser and does not require plug-ins and special software.

Gameplay base - adventure and exploration the huge world inhabited by enemy creatures (dragons, orcs, trolls, beholders, griffins, vampires, demons, zombies, and many other). You start playing a weak and almost helpless character, which, under your leadership will be a great and unique. To successfully navigate the game territory, your character will have to fight and to cultivate, to perform tasks (quests) and unravel the mysterious plot twists, develop and improve the skills of the profession, learn magic, and lots more.

Besides investigating the endless game world and character development in the game you will find a lot of interesting possibilities.
  Free market economy, allowing affect prices and earn as resale, so in manufacturing new products.
  Players association - an organization (clans), which open up new possibilities for players.
  Quests and events designed for mass action and groups solution (invasions and seizures).
  Conquer castles, towers and other objects that may belong to the strongest players associations (organizations).
  You can make objects to practice alchemy or farming, fishing, cook food or engage in other peaceful crafts.
  ...opportunities so much that they go beyond a brief description of the game.

This is text-based game. "Skazanie" not like other browser games. Its huge territory - a world which is based on text adventures, and every step of the character described in detail. Everything in the game described the text: the world around your character, his actions, objects and other players.
- several thousands of gaming locations, divided by the gaming area;
- several hundreds of gaming areas;
- about a thousand different types / kinds of objects;
- seven cities (six of them friendly);
- over thousand exclusive illustrations (items, key locations, monsters, NPC, etc.);
- five races available to choose from;
- six pseudoclasses.
... These numbers are relevant at the time of game opening. Through regular innovations these numbers are growing steadily.

The game "Skazanie" was reliased December 17, 2008 and is a continuation of the game "Tale".


SKAZANIE - multiplayer role-playing game

Tale - browser-based multiplayer online role-playing game

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